Patients share their experiences with the Brain and Spine Center.

Peter Bicknell, St. Catherines, Ontario

Peter Bicknell

I had microdiscectomy performed by Dr. Stoffman and the entire experience was quick and professional. It only took one month for me to have the surgery performed. In Canada, this would have taken at least six months. It was the care I needed when I needed it. Dr. Stoffman and his entire team were excellent. They made the whole process simple for me and were very thorough. There were no drawbacks to my experience. Only positives.

The Brain and Spine Center team was extremely accommodating to me. I was able to choose the hospital the procedure would be performed at, along with the date and time. Plus, the procedure cost what I was told it would. There were no hidden fees, which is great, because it’s one less thing to worry about.

I would highly recommend the Brain and Spine Center to anyone that is in need of expert care in a timely fashion. In fact, I already have!


Janet Thornton, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Dr. Landi is a miracle worker. I was in so much pain before my microdiscectomy that I was in tears. After the surgery, I was pain free, which is really incredible.

I had been in a terrible amount of pain for more than two years. It was so bad that I could only sleep about an hour a night. My quality of life was just awful.

In Canada, there was just no way I could get the care that I needed. It would have taken me a year to see a specialist in Ontario and another 9 – 12 months waiting for surgery, all this time in excruciating pain. I made the decision to go to Buffalo and had this life-changing surgery just nine days after my first visit.

Paying for the procedure took some time but it all worked out just fine. Dr. Landi’s staff walked me through the process every step of the way. The level of care provided to me was just fabulous.

I have a stack of Dr. Landi’s business cards that I give out to friends of mine that are also experiencing back problems. I know that the Brain and Spine Center can help them just as they helped me.


Gregory Sullivan, Toronto, Ontario

Gregory Sullivan

I walked into the hospital on pain medication, clinging to a cane. After my microdiscectomy with Dr. Stoffman, I had no pain at all. It was incredible.

I had my surgery just three weeks after my initial evaluation. In Ontario, I was told I wouldn’t even be able to see a specialist for four months, and surgery would have taken even longer. So having this performed in Buffalo made sense for so many reasons.

The Brain and Spine Center staff was courteous and professional. They were also exceptionally friendly and completely supportive. Plus, the cost for the surgery was far more reasonable than I expected.

Without a doubt, the entire experience exceeded my expectations.


Jane Mackeil, Oakville, Ontario

As a result of a slip on ice, I forcefully struck my head on a concrete wall causing damage to my cervical spine and loss of over 50% of my head rotation. Following 14 months of treatment consisting of pain medication and conflicting advice in regard to physio therapy prescribed by the Canadian medical community, my condition worsened. Through a recommendation, I contacted Dr. Landi at the Brain and Spine Center for a consultation.

Specific diagnostic testing deemed surgery necessary in order to improve my condition. Dr. Landi performed a cervical fusion and artificial disc replacement.

Everything from the quality of care, the professionalism, the kindness and helpfulness of staff, to the thorough explanation of the procedure was outstanding. I confidently recommend Dr. Landi to anyone who needs proper spinal care.