Our talented specialists work hand-in-hand to provide exceptional patient care. The Brain and Spine Center boasts specialists in a variety of areas, including neurosurgery, neurology, physical therapy and chiropractic care. In addition, we offer medical massage therapy, specialty spa treatments and an in-house medical supply store for patients to acquire medical devices, treatments and therapies to assist in recovery. We have the right physician on staff to remedy whatever’s ailing you, and it’s all under one roof.

After undergoing a comprehensive evaluation to determine a diagnosis, patients are cared for by a team of supportive surgeons and physicians who develop personalized treatment plans. Those who choose the Brain and Spine Center often have debilitating injuries and severe pain. We perform a variety of lumbar spine and cervical spine procedures to treat degenerative spine conditions with the goal of restoring patients to their normal lifestyle within a week’s time and improve their quality of life. And in the vast majority of cases, we do just that.